Week 7 menu

Sandwich with Complet seed sliced bread Proceli, tuna and tomato slices

Milk/vegetable drink with Choco Bites Proceli

Baguette Rústica Proceli with cooked ham

Sandwich with Complet seed sliced bread Proceli and cheese spread

Yoghurt / 1 soy yoghurt with Choco Bites Proceli

Sandwich of cooked ham and cheese with Classic white sliced bread Proceli

Milk /vegetable drink with Chocolate Muffins Proceli
Mid-morningChocolate rice drinkAlmonds1 yoghurt / 1 soy yoghurtShake (rice drink + strawberries)Marble cake ProceliWalnuts1 yoghurt / 1 soy yoghurt
LunchSautéed vegetables (courgette, spring onion, carrot and pepper)

Fried eggs in tomato sauce

Pear compote
Broad beans with clams

Hamburger with aubergine coated with Bread Crumbs Proceli
Fusilli with sauce of pumpkin, prawn tails and oil of basil

Dogfish cooked with 5 peppers

Rice Milanese

Chicken kebabs with straw potatoes

Peach in syrup
Baked aubergines with oregano

Stew of chickpeas and meat

Grated apple
Cream of mushrooms

Carpaccio of beef with Parmesan

Lemon sorbet
Penne rigate with courgette and anchovies

Roast rabbit with carrot, onion and fennel

Skewer of melon and strawberries
Mid-afternoonMedlars1 yoghurt / 1 soy yoghurtAppleHazelnutsNatural orange juiceOrange with cinnamonKiwi
DinnerGreen salad with mustard vinaigrette–

Bread Ciabatta Rústica Proceli with olive spread and goat’s cheese
Yoghurt/Soy yoghurt
Potatoes stuffed with guacamole and tomato

Baked anchovies with rosemary

Yoghurt/Soy yoghurt
Avocado stuffed with saladScrambled wild mushrooms

Crispbreads Proceli with tomato

Yoghurt/Soy yoghurt
Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables

Sautéed squid and vegetables

Yoghurt/Soy yoghurt
Spaghetti with dried fruit and nuts

Chicken cooked with lemon

Yoghurt/Soy yoghurt
Roast potatoes with smoked salmon and dill

Omelette of cooked ham

Fruit salad
Broccoli with red pepper sauce

Crepe Maize Starch Proceli of blue cheese, courgette and rocket

Yoghurt/Soy yoghurt


Being a coeliac sufferer shouldn’t be hindrance to anybody when it comes to eating. Here are some of our recipes with Proceli products.