Proceli and its history

After 40 years of experience and family tradition in the baking trade, Proceli was set up in 1997 with the aim of offering a full range of top-quality gluten-free products. Proceli today is a European benchmark in the gluten-free product manufacturing industry, and consumers appreciate our quality, taste and wide range.


Entirely gluten-free

Our advanced premises are exclusively dedicated to gluten-free food production, preventing any risk of cross-contamination. Our processes and facilities are guaranteed by the most demanding quality and safety certifications in the food sector, ensuring consumer confidence and trust, providing dependability and peace of mind.

Reliability and Security


We work, research and strive to meet consumer requirements. We want to normalise diets for coeliac disease in an active, committed and optimistic way, creating the best and most extensive range of products.


Our favourite word is with

We are experts in making gluten-free products so that all those who need it do not feel that their tastes and needs are unanswered. There is no reason to eat without flavors, without variety and without pleasure, that's why our favorite word is WITH:

WITH VALUES: The Proceli character is to provide an always positive and optimistic view of things. Enjoy eating and enjoy sharing.

WITH EXPERIENCE: Proceli's mission is from its origins to create and improve its range of gluten-free products day by day.

WITH OUR TEAM: Proceli people are part of a constantly evolving team committed to our mission of making our consumers happy.

WITH ALL OF YOU: The entire Proceli community is part of our project. Your active participation is essential so that we can continue to grow and improve. THANKS!